FirstAED is an intelligent and integrated Community First Responders and CPR trained bystanders alarming and AED management infrastructure. It can be used by dispatch centres for managing both professional and volunteer Community First Responders and CPR trained bystanders called out to emergency cases.

FirstAED is the perfect supplement to the existing emergency response systems. When there is an emergency call where speed matters, e.g. cardiac arrest, then it can dispatch nearby first responders in addition to the paramedic rapid response units and ambulances.

The system is based on practical experience from the Langeland AED Association project combined with innovative and cutting edge smartphone technology.  The system ensures faster response time and high quality in life-saving operations.

The four partners behind FirstAED got the initial idea for the system in April 2011 and have since worked hard to develop and fine-tune the system. The latest results from 600 cases show that the average response time has been reduced from 8-10 minutes before implementation of FirstAED to less than 5 minutes after implementation. And this is in an area with average ambulance response time averages 12+ minutes. Similar reductions are possible in urban areas where ambulances response times in many cases are over 5-6 minutes, and urgent medical cases therefor are ill-served.

The partners

The company has four partners, each with strong expertise’s within cardiac treatment, rescue services, technology and business operations. The idea for the system has been developed by combining the experience and knowledge of the four partners into an intelligent system that can save lives.

Finn Lund HenriksenFinn Lund Henriksen, Medical Director, MD, Consultant Cardiologist, Ass. Prof., Head of Odense University Hospital AED Centre

Professionally, Finn Lund Henriksen is working as the Head of Odense University Hospital’s AED Centre. In his spare time Finn prefers spending time on his summer cottage at Langeland. At the summer cottage he always makes sure that the car is parked in front of the driveway, his shoes are ready and car keys are lying on the kitchen table. He is prepared! If a 112 alarm is given on his iPhone, he is ready to serve as a volunteer first responder.

Henrik Schakow

Henrik Schakow, General Manager, Chairman of the Langeland island Defibrillator Association

Henrik has worked 28 years as a rescue officer and has been an eye witness to the fact that helps available close-by with the correct infrastructure makes the difference between life and death. Five years ago he was the founder of the Langeland AED Association. A group of total 215 volunteer first aid trained first responders that are on call 24-7-365 and ready to help. Henrik’s spare time is largely consumed by the AED association, and teaching many different groups about the potential in a good first response.

Bruno Hansen

Bruno Hansen, Technical Manager

Bruno is the technical guarantor behind FirstAED. He leads the technological development activities and makes sure that the most up to date technologies are used. In his free time, similar to Finn, he is ready to serve as volunteer first responder on Langeland.

Per SchorlingPer Schorling,   Business Development

Per Schorling is responsible for the business development of firstAED. It was in April 2011 that Per was on a business trip in the Netherlands together with Bruno Hansen, when the idea for the FirstAED application was born.