Conferences and events

Here are some of the key conferences and events where we have been presenting our solution.

  • November 20146th Danish Emergency Medicine Conference, Odense, Denmark – Presentation of the FirstAED project results and technology
  • September 2014Danish Medicoteknisk Selskab Årsmøde, Brædstrup, Denmark – Presentation of the FirstAED project results and technology
  • August 2014WIS, Turku, Finland – Presentation of the project and chair of workshop about first responders and GPS based activation
  • May 2014Resuscitation 2014, Bilbao – FirstAED poster presentation + FirstAED mentioned in Maaret Castrén presentation
  • October 2013 – Resuscitation 2013, Krakow, Poland  –  Abstract published and poster presentation.
  • May 2013 – Medical dispatching 2013 – Seeking the golden standard, Karolinska Institutet,  Stockholm – Invited to present our system and the results of the first trial period.
  • April 2013 – 5th Danish Emergency Medicine Conference 2013 –  Invited to present the results of the Langeland project.
  • March 2013 – delegation from Notruf Niederösterreich – A delegation from Notruf Niederösterreich visited FirstAED to hear more about our system, and to see it in real-life operation at the dispatch center and on the island of Langeland.
  • March 2013 – Minister Carsten Hansen visits FirstAED – Carsten Hansen is the minister of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs in Denmark. He wanted to hear how FirstAED’s system could improve the response time on a cardiac arrest in the cities and in the countryside.
  • October 2012 – Resuscitation 2012 – At the exhibition we had about 200 visitors and we got a great respond on our system.
  • November 2011 – AED Conference at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark – We attended the conference to present our idea about getting first responders and AED’s on sight as fast as possible. Our idea got a good response from the other participants and decision makers.