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2014.05.12 TV2 Fyn  The Langeland project was covered in our regional TV channel TV2 Fyn

2014.05.12 DR2 Live  Feature about the Langeland project on national news on DR2 Live

2014.05.12 DR  The Langeland projekt was featured on the national news – they use FirstAED technology

2014.04.30 MedWatch the leading Danish medical online portal Article on our technology reducing response times

2014.04.29 Welfaretech Article on FirstAED technology reducing response times

2014.02.01 Cardiologisk Forum Article about FirstAED technology reducing response times

2013.11.01 Hjertenyt  An article about smartphones used by the Langeland AED Association

2013.05.24 Ugeavisen Øboen An article about the responce times when using FirstAED

2013.05.01 Bladet Redderen An article about  the AED project on the islands Fyn/Langeland and FirstAED

2013.03.31 Fyns Amts Avis  An article about a survivor in Faaborg, where FirstAED is mentioned 

2013.03.25 Radio Diablo  Feature on FirstAED

2013.03.23 Fyns Amts Avis C. Hansen visiting Langeland and FirstAED

2013.03.15 Radio Diablo Feature about FirstAED on Radio Diablo

2013.03.15 TV2 Nyhederne Finn Lund Henriksen and Henrik Schakow are interviewed on TV2

2013.03.13 Fyns Amts Avis  Article concerning the visit of Notruf Niederösterreich at FirstAED (in english)

2013.03.13 Photos from the visit

2013.01.23 Altinget.dk An article about welfare tech

2012.11.27 Region Syddanmark  Representatives form the Region of Southern Denmark got trained in first-aid 

2012.11.27 DR An article on Radio DR P4 Trekanten about FirstAED

2012.11.27 DR  Feature on radio P4 Trekanten about the Langeland AED association 

2012.11.27 DR Feature on P4 Trekanten about using FirstAED in Hedensted

2012.10.08 Fyns Amts Avis An article about first responders  

2012.05.30 Radio Diablo Interview  (soundfile)

2012.05.29 Jyllandsposten An article about research and Innovation 

2012.03.29 Ny Viden nr. 3, Syddank Universitet An article about better help with acute out of hospital cardiac arrest

2012.03.26 TV2 Nyhederne og TV2 News video Video about the lifesaving AED app

TV2 Nyhederne og TV2 News Feature about the lifesaving AED app


1. Feature about the new FirstAED app

2. Feature about the new FirstAED  app

3. Feature about the new FirstAED app

DR P4Fyn Feature about the FirstAED  app

Politiken.dk  An article about using a smartphone app for AED’s

Berlingske.dk  News about a mobilephone that will save lives

Stiften.dk Århus Stiftstidende An article about mobilephone used for AED’s at Langeland

Information.dk  Telegram about mobile app for AEDs

Borsen.dk News about Langeland AED association using smatphones

jv.dk  News about a AED app for mobilephone

bt.dk An article about using mobiletelephone for AED’s

KristeligtDagblad.dk  An article about  AED app that will save lives

SkiveFolkeblad.dk News about FirstAED app 

Fyens.dk An article about a new app, that can get AED’s faster to the cardiac arrest patients

Dagbladet Ringkøbing Skjern News about FirstAED launch

Nordvestnyt.dk News about a smartphone that can save lives with AED’s

Den Offentlige Sektor Newsletter about smartphones for AEDs on Langeland

Folketidende.dk  An article about FirstAED launch at Langeland and the relevans for Lolland

Beredskabsinfo  An article about an app that alarms the first responders in the case of an out of hospital cardiac arrest

Beredskabsforbundet News about an app that helps with out of hospital cardiac arrest at Langeland

Jubii News An article about a new app that will save lives in Denmark

aoh.dk – Alt om Herning  News about a smartphone app and AEDs that will save lives 

senyheder.dk News about mobilephone saving lives

Denmarkonline News about AED app for smartphone

2012.02.07 Ugeavis Faaborg Article

2012.01.28 Elektronik branchen.dk

2012.01.28 Ingeniøren.dk 

2012.01.11 Fyns Stiftstidende, Business Article

2011.12.07 Fyns Amtsavis (in danish only) Article

2011.12.06 TV2 Fyn Article

2011.12.05 Dr.dk   Article 2011.09.07 Fyns.dk Article

2011.06.11 Sund i Syd  Article